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Shan Dong Binuo Mechanics Co.,LTD.

located in Weifang Binhai, Shan Dong Province of China with a convenient transportation. The scope of business and services covers the whole world. Binuo Mechanics is a one-stop air separation service expert that engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of air separation nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen generation, also provide the sales and maintenance services of corollary equipment, such like air compressors, diesel generators and cooling water chiller.


Company Profile

The main products are nitrogen & oxygen generation, including design, production, sales, installation, after-sales and maintenance customized services. Meanwhile, the products scope also covers the corollary equipment, such as full sets of air compressor, diesel generator and water cooled chiller with providing the consulting, sales, after-sales and maintenance services.

Binuo Mechanics was established in 2018. One factory is operating in Suzhou, and the other is building in Weifang. Dozens of professional engineers are prepared for serving you. All sales and after-sales teams are very professional, experienced and responsible.

As early as 2014

As early as 2014, the original team began to engage in the sales, after-sale and maintenance of air compressors, and the business and service footprints is all over the country. In 2016, the original team contacted Takeda of Japan to discuss and plan the cooperation of PSA technology. Next year, the original team went to learn PSA nitrogen and oxygen generation technology in Germany, and tried to Realize the transformation of company. Meanwhile, the original team recruited a group of senior professional and technical elites in machinery, electrical appliances and gas technology, and hired a number of industry experts as consultants.

Until 2018

Until 2018, Binuo Mechanics invested and built the production base with standardized production workshop, R & D center and inspection center in Suzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone,which covered an area of 5000㎡. The Production base focus on the professional design and production of PSA and membrane separation nitrogen generator, PSA and VPSA oxygen generator, nitrogen and hydrogen generation and purification equipment, etc. Users include chemical, biological pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics, rubber tires, laser cutting, glass and other industries.

In 2019

In 2019, Binuo Mechanics began to export, and the main products are PSA nitrogen generator, PSA oxygen generator and air compressor. Has been exported to the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries by 2021. The product’s high quality and the personalized service of Binuo Mechanics are deeply satisfied and trusted by customers all over the world.

In 2021

In 2021, Shan Dong Binuo Mechanics Co.,LTD. has started in-depth business cooperation and technology sharing with Atlas, Jiuding Refrigeration and Weichai Group. In order to improve the existing supporting supply chain and become the distribution and storage center of PSA nitrogen generators, air compressors, diesel generators and cooling water chiller, Binuo Mechanics began to plan and build a new workshop in Weifang with support of local Commerce Bureau.

Binuo Tech and Service

✧Binuo Mechanics has gone to Takeda of Japan for PSA technology exchange and cooperation since established in 2018;
✧Binuo Mechanics completed ISO certification in 2018;
✧Binuo Mechanics has a professional technical team of more than 10 years;
✧Binuo Mechanics has been cooperating closely with domestic professional design & research institutes and colleges to innovate technology continuously and improve product performance and quality.
✧The sales team of Binuo Mechanics prefers technical research and development, it is better to provide customers with professional technical guidance and after-sales service;
✧Binuo Mechanics has an after-sales service team of more than 10 people for serving customers all over the world. The members are professionals with more than five years, and have rich maintenance experience in all kinds of equipment and circuits, higher professionalism and responsible attitude;

Professional Technical Team
After-sales Service Team

Nitrogen & Oxygen Generation Field

Air Compressor Field

✧Binuo Mechanics produced the first high-purity (99.99%) nitrogen generator plant on August 21, 2018, which is applied in Duratti Tires of China;
✧Binuo Mechanics received the first large-scale project in November 2018 from Cynda Chemical of China, and provided 4 sets of 165m³large-scale oxygen generators and 5 sets of 800m³large-scale nitrogen generators until now.
✧April 2019, Binuo Mechanics exported the first nitrogen generator plant to the mechanical factory in Vietnam;
✧The first overseas regular customer is a food processing factory in Japan. Binuo Mechanics provided 2 sets of nitrogen generators and 4 sets of air compressors for two consecutive years for them.

✧Binuo Mechanics has long-term cooperation with Atlas, Ingersoll Rand, American Sullair, China Deman and China Dehaha;
✧As early as 2014, the team of Binuo Mechanics began to engage in the sales and maintenance services of air compressors and corollary equipment.
✧Binuo Mechanics sold the first screw air compressor to a glass factory in China.
✧Binuo Mechanics exported the first screw air compressor to a food processing factory of Philippines in 2019.
✧Since Binuo Mechanics established, we has sold nearly one thousand air compressors to all of the world and handled thousands of maintenance services until August 2021.


Corporate Concept

Excellence Loyalty Win-win Innovation

Corporate Pursuit

Binuo Mechanics make customers less cost for the same products, more assured for the same quality, more enjoyment for the same services.

Service Creed

Reputation first Customer first Quality first
Technology first Service first