Advantages of Vacuum Nitrogen Filled Packaging

Extract the air in the packaging bag to reach the predetermined vacuum and fill it with nitrogen, then complete the sealing process. This vacuum nitrogen filled package has several advantages:

1. The appearance of vacuum nitrogen filled packaging is beautiful and generous, and its real shape can be directly observed.

2. Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging can balance the internal and external pressure difference, and the air will not gradually penetrate into the packaging bag through the micro-pores of the packaging bag, so as to prevent the premature corruption and degeneration of fresh-keeping products.

3. Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging is most suitable for fragile materials (such as flowers, chips, snack food, etc.) and vacuum packaging cannot be realized.

4. For some food or materials containing water, due to the pressure difference in the bag after vacuum packaging, the oil and water of the food or materials will seep out, which will affect the internal quality and external beauty of the food or materials.

5. For some fried foods or fruit and vegetable chips, vacuum nitrogen filling packaging with food nitrogen generator can effectively prevent food rancidity or extrusion and prolong storage time.

Post time: May-19-2022