Application of deoxidizer in Nitrogen Generation


Deoxidizer can be divided into three main steps, which is as below:

Before filling, the reactor must be cleaned and tested for air tightness. If the filling height is more than 1m, send the catalyst into the reactor after putting them into bottomless cloth bag. Before installing the flange, purge the bottom of the reactor with clean air to blow out the dust which produced by impact and friction during filling. Close the flange, test the air tightness of the whole reactor.

For hydrodeoxidation in hydrogen or nitrogen, no need to active the catalyst, directly put into use. Replace the air in the reactor with nitrogen in the way of charging and discharging pressure before use. The pre-refined hydrogen or hydrogenated nitrogen can be directly filled during feeding, then carry on the catalytic reaction with the catalyst in the reactor to remove trace oxygen.

The catalyst must be replaced when it is determined to reach its service life through analysis. At first, the materials in the bed shall be replaced through the nitrogen stamping, then add a certain amount of air into nitrogen to purge the bed. The catalyst can be replaced when all the added gas is air.

Post time: Feb-07-2022