CMS Replacement Conditions

If oil or water flow into the nitrogen generator, CMS will be poisoned.
Improper use of CMS will cause poisoning. For example, in the early stage, the air purification is not equipped with treatment equipment or the equipped equipment operates with faults, the oil and water will flow into the adsorption tower directly caused the CMS poisoned. Therefore, serious damage to the analytical capacity, and a significant decline in the amount and purity of nitrogen production.

Powdered CMS.
The compression devices of the nitrogen generator are different. The existing including the compressed cylinder, compressed spring and compressed air bag.
Although the compressed cylinder can be monitored in real time, due to the crushing damage of CMS caused by missing and addition, the nitrogen generator emits black smoke from powder injection.

Aging phenomenon at the end of service life.
Some customers who have been used for some years have reported to us that the gas production is insufficient and the purity is not up to standard. We should know that the service life of CMS is decreasing by 5% every year. The longer the nitrogen generator is used, the worse the quality will be. At this time, the purity of the nitrogen produced will be reduced. It is necessary to replace the CMS and the purity can be restored.

Post time: Mar-25-2022