Factors affecting air compressor heat dissipation

Factors affecting air compressor heat dissipation1

During operation, the air compressor is often encountered with insufficient heat dissipation, which affects the work efficiency.

There are three important factors for insufficient heat dissipation of the air compressor:

1. The influence of the environment on the ventilation and heat dissipation state, such as the partition wall or other obstacles placed by the air compressor are too close; There may be other heat sources near the air compressor;

2. The radiator is blocked. If the radiator of the air compressor is blocked, it will cause insufficient heat dissipation. The air compressor is placed in a certain place for a long time, so when there is a lot of dust around the air compressor, it will cause a layer of dust or oil sludge to adhere to the surface of the radiator due to long-term operation, thus affecting the heat dissipation.

3. Low oil grade or poor oil quality may also cause corresponding problems, so special air compressor oil should be used as far as possible.

Post time: Jun-08-2022