Factors of Affecting Nitrogen Concentration


If the nitrogen concentration in the nitrogen generator fails to meet the standard during production, most of them are related to the following factors:

1. Data detection error

The flow controller online detects the aging of the probe of the nitrogen analyzer, resulting in the distortion of the detection data.

2. Other reasons:

2.1 flow setting

It is not recommended to modify the purity and flow set by the nitrogen generator without authorization; If the flow rate is modified, the purity of the produced nitrogen will change accordingly, and the relationship between the two is usually inversely proportional.

2.2 nitrogen generator air compressor and valve.

The normal adsorption pressure of carbon molecular sieve is more than 0.65Mpa to 0.85mpa, which is lower than that of the normal nitrogen generator. Nitrogen cannot be produced normally. There are two main reasons for the insufficient adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator. One is the insufficient air supply of the air compressor, and the other is the air leakage of the pneumatic valve.

2.3 carbon molecular sieve.

In the long-term use of the nitrogen generator, the micropore diameter of the carbon molecular sieve in the nitrogen generator will change, and the adsorption capacity will gradually decline; As a result, the oxygen content in the produced nitrogen is high.

Post time: Jul-26-2022