Freezing Dryer Function of Nitrogen Generator

Freezing Dryer Function of Nitrogen Generator

The freezing dryer is the most critical equipment for water removal in the air source purification part. The working effect of the freezing dryer directly affects the water content in the compressed air entering the adsorption tower. At the same time, it is also necessary to do more drainage and sewage work at all points to prevent the deposition of water in the pipeline from affecting the water content index in the air.

Freezing dryer is a drying equipment in compressed air system. The working principle is that the compressed air first enters the pre cooler for preliminary cooling, and then is introduced into the air-to-air heat exchanger (recuperator), which is further cooled by the cooled exhaust air, and the condensed water is discharged out of the machine.

Then the nitrogen generator flows into the heat exchanger (evaporator) of gas to refrigerant, which is further cooled by the refrigeration system. After the compressed air is gradually cooled by the pre cooler, regenerator and evaporator, the water vapor in the air condenses into liquid droplets, which are separated out by the function of the gas-liquid separator.

The nitrogen generator can dry the cooling air after passing through the gas-liquid separator, and it can also be realized through the gas-to-gas heat exchanger, that is, it is heated up when leaving the dryer.

Post time: Jul-23-2022