Function of Air Storage Tank


Action and energy saving effect

The adsorption tower of the nitrogen generator consumes a lot of gas instantly. If there is no buffer of the air storage tank, the compressed air will directly enter the system, and there is no way to deal with a large amount of compressed air. The compressed air containing water and oil will enter the nitrogen generator to poison the CMS. Therefore, the service life of CMS will be shortened, the gas production rate will be reduced and the cost of users will increase.

Provide stable air source

If there is an air storage tank in the nitrogen generator system, the output air of the main engine has a buffer place, the air source can be better maintained at a set value, and the gas consumption system can obtain a constant pressure.

High air quality

The air compressed by the nitrogen generator will be sent to the air storage tank first. Then the air will stay for a while, which can precipitate the impurities, moisture and other foreign matters. Therefore, the temperature of the compressed air will be reduced, and the high-quality air can be delivered without a freeze dryer.

Post time: Mar-30-2022