Good News From Petroleum Refining industry !

End of September 2021, Binuo Mechanics cooperated with Shengli Oilfield that signed one set of special nitrogen generator contract for the oilfield. Meanwhile, we established a long-term cooperative supply relationship, and Binuo Mechanics will provide customized services of nitrogen generation and air compressor in the next five years.


The equipment is skid mounted that included compressed air system, air purification system, PSA nitrogen generation, booster system and container box. The nitrogen output is 400Nm3 / h and the purity is 99%. It will be delivered in November.

This is a significant breakthrough of Binuo Mechanics in Petroleum Refining industry. For the future, we will pay more attention to customer cooperation in various fields, insist on provide better products and more comprehensive services for customers.

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Post time: Sep-29-2021