Main Application of Air Compressor

1.Traditional aerodynamic: pneumatic tools, rock drill, pneumatic pick, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic sand blasting
2.Instrument control and automation devices, such as tool replacement of machining center, etc.
3.Vehicle braking, door and window opening and closing.
4.Compressed air is used to blow weft yarn instead of shuttle in air-jet loom.
5.In food processing and pharmaceutical industries, compressed air is used to stir slurry.
6.Starting of large marine diesel generator.
7.Wind tunnel test, underground passage ventilation, metal smelting.
8.Oil well fracturing.
9.High pressure air blasting coal mining.
10.Weapon system, missile launch, torpedo launch.
11.Submarine sinking and floating, sunken ship salvage, submarine oil exploration, hovercraft.
12.Tire inflation.
14.Bottle blowing machine.
15.Air separation industry.
16.Industrial control power (drive cylinder, pneumatic components)
17.High pressure air is produced for cooling and drying of machined parts.


Post time: Dec-01-2021