Market Status and Development Prospect Forecast Analysis of China Air Compressor Industry

Market Status and Development Prospect Forecast Analysis of China Air Compressor Industry in 2021

Air compressor is widely used in various industrial fields as an important power supply equipment. The air compressor can provide power through compressed air to be used for synthesis, polymerization, gas transmission, refrigeration industry and separation of mixed gas. According to the way of compressed gas, air compressors are mainly divided into positive displacement compressors and speed compressors.

Market Scale
Industrial level of China has been improving over the years and commodity trade is prosperous in various industries. Therefore, the total demand for air compressor is also gradually increasing and the industry market scale is continuous expanding. From 2015 to 2019, the market scale of China air compressor industry showed an upward trend year by year. In 2016, the sales revenue was 49.165 billion RMB, the year-on-year rises of 6.27%. In 2019, all the large-scale production enterprises in China air compressor industry achieved sales revenue of 56.6 billion RMB, the year-on-year rises of 2.53%. The market scale is expected to reach 65.592 billion RMB in 2021.
Data Source: Compiled by China Commercial Industry Research Institute.

Development Prospect in Future

1. Strong support from relevant national police
As the main equipment providing air source power for industrial production, air compressor needs to have high reliability, high energy efficiency, low noise, high cleanliness and other qualities. The air compressor belongs to the “Recommended Catalogue of National Industrial Energy-saving Technical Equipment (2019)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019, and “Green industry Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments. The air compressor belongs to the strategic emerging industries such as “7.1.1 efficient and energy-saving general equipment manufacturing” in the “Classification of Strategic Emerging Industries (2018)”. The air compressor industry will be further cultivated, improve the independent innovation ability of energy equipment, promote the energy revolution, Optimize and upgrade the energy equipment manufacturing industry. Specially, the air compressors of various specifications are listed as key equipment to be broken through.

2.The China air compressor industry is rising
The economy of China is developing rapidly and the industrialization level is continuously improved. Therefore, greatly promoted the development of the air compressor industry, so that the gap between domestic and international advanced levels is smaller and smaller. At present, the quality level of domestic products is constantly improving, also is developing in the direction of oversize, integration and intelligence. Meanwhile, the overall level of China industry is constantly improving, and the comprehensive strength is also increasing. These will promote the sustained and rapid development of China air compressor industry to approach or even surpass the international advanced level.

3.The expansion of industrial production scale drives the increase of industrial demand
China is still in the process of industrialization, and there is still a big gap compared with advanced countries. “Made in China 2025” is the action program for the first decade that the manufacturing power strategy is implemented by China. In the future, China will continue to intensify efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrialization to become an industrial power. The rapid development of industry will continue, including the general equipment industry like air compressor.

4.“The Belt and Road” brings the development opportunities
Affected by “The Belt and Road” initiative, for one thing, it expands the market for the export of China industrial products, contributes to the further development of China industrial field, and increases the demand for air compressors. For another, it has brought opportunities of the air compressor industry to develop in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Northeast Asia.

For more information, please refer to the “Research Report on market prospect and investment opportunities of China air compressor industry” issued by China Commercial Industry Research Institute


Post time: Aug-26-2021