Matters Needing Attention of the Nitrogen Generator Use and Maintenance

Correct maintenance knowledge of nitrogen generator is very necessary. Good operation habits and regular maintenance can prolong the normal service life, reduce energy consumption and maintenance cost. By the way, it can effectively avoid sudden failure to reduce the negative impact on production.


Therefore, what are the correct maintenance knowledge and methods of nitrogen generator that we need to know ?

1.The power supply, air source and temperature conditions required by the nitrogen generator can be normally supplied, turned on and off. In particular, a stable power supply voltage can reduce the damage to the controller and solenoid valve.

2.Pay attention to the pressure of the storage tank any time, keep the pressure between 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa and not lower than the rated value.

3.Check the automatic drainer every day to avoid blocking and losing the drainage function. If it is blocked, can open the manual valve and close the automatic valve, then remove the automatic drainer to cleaning by soap foam.

4.Regularly check the three pressure gauges on the nitrogen generator and make a daily record. In addition, observe the flowmeter and nitrogen purity any time.

5.Check the refrigeration effect of the chiller and dryer regularly every week to avoid the equipment failure.

6.According to the requirements of the nitrogen generator user guide, carry out the operation and daily maintenance , irregularly check the sensitivity of electromagnetic valve / pneumatic valve, pressure range of pressure regulating valve, accuracy of gas analyzer, compression of adsorption tower, exhaust condition of muffler, cleanliness of flowmeter and so on.

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Post time: Nov-10-2021