Nitrogen Gas Used in Food Packaging and Processing

Nitrogen is inert gas and not easy to breed bacteria, so that it is widely used in the preservation and storage of beverages, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea, pasta and other foods. Nitrogen can fully maintain the original color, aroma and taste, and its storage quality is better than mechanical refrigeration.
t2Food Packaging
Nitrogen filled packaging is rapidly replacing the traditional vacuum packaging, and it is applied to the packaging of fried food, puffed food, baked food, fresh sliced agricultural products, special cheese and fresh meat. Nitrogen filled packaging can better maintain the taste and nutrition of food.
The food deterioration is mostly caused by oxidation reaction, which leads to the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria. The inert gas nitrogen can suffocate and inhibit the reproduction by eliminate oxygen to slow down the oxidation and respiration of food. Moreover, the nitrogen solubility is small in water and oil, so the adsorption by food is relatively small.
In addition, nitrogen filled packaging not only can protect the shape of the inner food and prevent crushing crisp food, but also can avoid the pressure bonding and hardening of packaged food caused by the imbalance of internal and external pressure. Even the food with irregular shape can maintain the beauty packaging surface and reduce the deterioration cause by damaged packaging materials.
Beverage Stirring
Oxygen dissolved in liquids and oils can precipitate and deteriorate them. Through the compressed gas stirring, gaseous nitrogen is filled to remove oxygen to prevent oxidation, corruption and discoloration of carbonate free beverages (fruit juice, tea and milk) and edible oils (peanut, olive, sunflower and rapeseed oil).
Nitrogen Puffing
Some food need to add gas to increase their volume, using nitrogen to puffing food oil, mayonnaise, barreled margarine or peanut oil products can increase their volume and expansion force.
According to the nitrogen generator demands in food packaging, fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere storage and other industries, Binuo Mechanics developed and designed a series of PSA nitrogen generators for food processing. The products has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, convenient and fast starting up, fast nitrogen production speed, operators without special training, compact structure and small floor area. It is our pleasure for your consult and order.

Post time: Nov-03-2021