Nitrogen Generator in Metallurgy & Electronic industry


In the Metallurgy industry, the application of Nitrogen Generator mainly include:


Electronic component packaging and circuit board assembly.

Now, electronic devices such as telephones and computers tend to be smaller and thinner, this trend leads to the high density of circuit board components, solder paste and alloy are easy to oxidize, therefore it is necessary to operate in an inert atmosphere.

Electronic component manufacturers conduct reflow and ripple welding in nitrogen welding environment, nitrogen generator can prevent solder oxidation, improve one-time welding output and product quality, and reduce the processing cost.

2.Carburizing and Carbonitriding

In the processing and manufacturing industry, carburizing technology is used to produce auto parts, gears, bearings, engine parts, fasteners, etc. It is also widely used in the heat treatment process of automobile, aviation and tool manufacturing.

Carburizing, surface hardening, is a hardening process in which carbon atoms penetrate into the surface of low carbon steel. It improves the hardness of steel by changing the surface structure of steel, which can make the metal surface have high hardness, wear resistance and maintain toughness inside.

Carbonitriding is an improvement of carburizing. In the process, nitrogen molecules penetrate into the metal surface, and the metal hardness of Carbonitriding is higher than that of traditional carburizing technology.


Brazing is usually used in automobile, air conditioning, electronic manufacturing, heat processor and other production industries.

In the brazing process, the metal parts are heated in the welding furnace. The nitrogen extracted by the nitrogen generator can protect the environment, prevent air from penetrating into the furnace, and prevent oxidation or other reactions (decarburization) on the surface of the parts.

Post time: Mar-02-2022