Nitrogen Generator Used in Pharmaceutical Packaging & Processing

In order to avoid oxidation and reduce oxygen, nitrogen generator is widely used in many links of pharmacy. Nitrogen sealing or inerting environment is usually used to maintain the stability of material properties. Otherwise contact with oxygen, the properties will change, even toxicity.

Nitrogen is a dry inert gas. When oxygen will accelerate oxidation or affect product quality, nitrogen is a very good choice to replace oxygen.


High pressure nitrogen is also used to help material to safe transfer from one container to another. This method can effectively speed up the transfer process without damaging the original material properties.


Production and analytical instruments can be purged with nitrogen to remove oxygen or moisture in production and processing. It will improve product quality and reduce the possibility of further processing.

Nitrogen sealing

Pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs with active chemical properties must be stored reasonably, that moisture and oxygen will not affect product quality and powder will not agglomerate. Nitrogen sealing can provide an inert environment to prevent air pollution and  oxygen contact to ensure the product quality.

Post time: Nov-16-2021