Solution to the purity drop of nitrogen generator


PSA nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen from the air under certain pressure. The purified and dried compressed air can be pressurized, adsorbed and desorbed in the adsorber. So, how to solve the problem after the purity drops?  

The reasons for the purity drop:

1. The adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator is unstable;

2. Too much water and oil in the gas source;

3. Air leakage at the outlet part interface;

4. Too much air intake means that the pressure rises too fast;

5. Molecular sieve poisoning of nitrogen generator.


1. Reduce the hourly air pressure and increase the air inlet pressure;

2. Add a storage tank at the air inlet;

3. Remove and reconnect;

4. Replace the molecular sieve;

5. By adjusting the regulating valve at the inlet of the nitrogen generator to reduce the air intake, an oil-water separator can be installed in front of the inlet.

Post time: Jun-15-2022