The activated carbon replacement steps


1. Cut off the air supply and remove the internal pressure of the activated carbon canister.

2. Loosen the loose knot (or flange) on the activated carbon canister;

3. Rotate counterclockwise and remove the fixing bolts between the upper cover and the carbon canister (small membrane nitrogen generator);

4. Take out the magnetic ball, sieve plate and filter cloth in sequence;

5. Pour out the original activated carbon particles and clean the carbon canister;

6. New activated carbon particles should be filled and enriched;

7. Assemble the accessories in 4 above in sequence and tighten the top cover;

8. Pay attention to whether the flange sealing ring is intact. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

9. After installing the carbon canister, pay attention not to connect the loose knot (or flange) at the outlet end first, block the outlet end with a white towel or white cloth, start the nitrogen generator and the equipped air compressor and refrigerated dryer for purging for 30 minutes, and then check whether there are carbon powder or black spots on the white towel or white cloth; If any, purge for another 10 minutes. After confirming that it is clean, tighten the loose knot and pay attention to check whether there is air leakage.

10. Warning: after replacing the activated carbon, the activated carbon tank must be purged for a long time. The air flow must be emptied from the activated carbon outlet, and the nitrogen generator cannot be supplied directly.

Post time: Jul-07-2022