The Advantages of Nitrogen Generator Compared with Bottled Nitrogen


1.Convenient and fast nitrogen production:
Advanced technology and common air distributor make the air distribution more uniform. Using carbon molecular sieve efficiently, qualified nitrogen can be supplied in about 20 minutes.

2.Easy to use:
The equipment has compact structure, all skid mounted, small land occupation and less investment. Nitrogen can be produced only by connecting the power supply on site.

3.More economical
PSA process is a simple nitrogen production method, which takes air as the material and consumes only the electric energy.

The fully automatic work controlled by PLC, the purity of nitrogen flow and pressure can be adjusted and displayed continuously, so as to truly realize unattended.

5.Wide application range:
Maintenance Gas for metal heat treatment process, production gas for chemical industry, nitrogen filling and purification of various storage tanks and pipelines etc. The purity, flow and pressure are stable and adjustable to meet the requirements of different customers.

Post time: Mar-16-2022