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Nitrogen Generation

  • Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    Principle of PSA Technology

    PSA technology is a process for purifying gas mixture. Based on the the physical adsorption of gas molecules with the adsorbent, the process is a reversible working between two pressure states.

    According to the principle that the impurity components of gas mixture have large adsorption capacity under high pressure and small adsorption capacity under low pressure. Specially, the hydrogen has less adsorption capacity whether high or low pressure. In order to get high product purity, the impurity partial pressure can be increased to adsorb as much as possible under high pressure.Desorption or regeneration of adsorbent under low pressure, impurities can be adsorbed again in the next cycle through by the minimize the residual amount of impurities on the adsorbent.

  • Food Processing PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    Food Processing PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    Introduction of PSA Technology

    PSA Technology is a new type of gas adsorption and separation technology. It has attracted the attention and competed in globe industry for development and research when it came out.

    PSA Technology used into industrial production in the 1960s. And In the 1980s, PSA technology gained a breakthrough in industrial application to become the most popular gas adsorption and separation technology in the world unit now.

    PSA technology is mainly used in oxygen & nitrogen separation, air drying, air purification and hydrogen purification. Among them, the oxygen & nitrogen separation is to get the nitrogen or oxygen through the combination of carbon molecular sieve and pressure swing adsorption.

  • Carbon Carried Purification to Nitrogen

    Carbon Carried Purification to Nitrogen

    Principle of Carbon-Carried Purification

    Carbon-carried purification can be used for processes that are sensitive to hydrogen or have difficulties in hydrogen gas source. Raw nitrogen reacts with excess carbon at high temperature to produce CO2. High purity nitrogen can be obtained after passing through the adsorption tower of decarburized oxygen compounds.

  • Hydrogenation Purification to Nitrogen

    Hydrogenation Purification to Nitrogen

    Principle of Hydrogenation Purification

    The raw nitrogen will be produced by PSA or membrane separation, and mixed with small amount of hydrogen. Residual oxygen reacts with hydrogen to produce water vapor in a reactor filled with metal palladium catalyst, therefor, most of the water vapor is condensed through the after-cooler, and the condensed water is removed through the high-efficiency water separator. After deep dehydration and dust removal in the dryer, the high purity nitrogen is obtained finally.

    By the way, The adsorption dryer can make the dew point of product gas below – 70℃. The purity of product gas continuously monitored online by analyzer.

  • Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

    Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

    Introduction of Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

    Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator uses a new technology with separation membrane as the core to separate, concentrate and purify substances. Separation membrane is a membrane with different morphological structures, which formed from organic polymers of special separation and inorganic materials.

    Because of the different rates of permeation through the membrane, binary or multi component components can be separated or enriched under a certain driving force.

  • Chemical PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Chemical PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Features of PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    1.In the compressed air system, the positions of activated carbon adsorber and air buffer tank are fully considered, therefore, it ensures the supply of pressure stable gas source for the PSA nitrogen generator plant and prolongs the service life of activated carbon. The raw air is taken from nature, and nitrogen can be produced only by providing compressed air and power supply.

    2.The nitrogen process tank of the PSA nitrogen generator can make the outlet pressure of common nitrogen more stable, and nitrogen purity is only affected by nitrogen exhaust volume that is easy to adjust. The purity of common nitrogen is arbitrarily adjusted between 95% – 99.99%. The high purity nitrogen can be adjusted arbitrarily between 99% – 99.999%.

  • Biological Pharmaceutical PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Biological Pharmaceutical PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Principe of PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    The main components are nitrogen and oxygen in the air. Select adsorbents with different adsorption selectivity for nitrogen and oxygen and design appropriate process to produce nitrogen by separate nitrogen and oxygen.

    Both nitrogen and oxygen have quadrupole moments, and the quadrupole moment of nitrogen is much larger than oxygen. Therefore, the adsorption capacity of oxygen in carbon molecular sieve is much stronger than nitrogen in a certain pressure (the force is strong between oxygen and surface ions of molecular sieve).

  • Electronic PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Electronic PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Introduction of PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant is a new high-tech equipment for air separation. It uses compressed air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent to produce nitrogen by pressure swing adsorption process.

    Under normal temperature and pressure, according to the difference of adsorption capacity on the surface of carbon molecular sieve and the the difference of diffusion rates in carbon molecular sieve are different between the oxygen and nitrogen, it can achieve the process of pressurized adsorption and vacuum desorption to complete the separation of oxygen and nitrogen and obtain the required purity nitrogen through the programmable controller to control the pneumatic valve.

    By the way, the purity and gas production of nitrogen can be adjusted followed the customer requirements.

  • Rubber Tire PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Rubber Tire PSA Nitrogen Generating Plant

    Process of PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

    The adsorption bed of PSA nitrogen generator plant must contain at least two steps: adsorption (at higher pressure) and desorption (at lower pressure) with the operation periodically repeat. If there is only one adsorption bed, the nitrogen production is intermittent. In order to continuously obtain the nitrogen products, two adsorption beds are usually set in the nitrogen generator plant, and some necessary auxiliary steps are set such as pressure equalization and nitrogen flushing to save energy, reduce consumption and operate stably.

    Each adsorption bed generally goes through the steps of adsorption, forward pressure release, reactivation, flushing, replacement, pressure equalization and pressure rise, and the operation is repeated periodically.