The products that serve the health needs of the population. According to WHO, these products should be available “at all times, in adequate amounts, in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality and adequate information, and at a price the individual and the community can afford”.

Nitrogen Purification

  • Carbon Carried Purification to Nitrogen

    Carbon Carried Purification to Nitrogen

    Principle of Carbon-Carried Purification

    Carbon-carried purification can be used for processes that are sensitive to hydrogen or have difficulties in hydrogen gas source. Raw nitrogen reacts with excess carbon at high temperature to produce CO2. High purity nitrogen can be obtained after passing through the adsorption tower of decarburized oxygen compounds.

  • Hydrogenation Purification to Nitrogen

    Hydrogenation Purification to Nitrogen

    Principle of Hydrogenation Purification

    The raw nitrogen will be produced by PSA or membrane separation, and mixed with small amount of hydrogen. Residual oxygen reacts with hydrogen to produce water vapor in a reactor filled with metal palladium catalyst, therefor, most of the water vapor is condensed through the after-cooler, and the condensed water is removed through the high-efficiency water separator. After deep dehydration and dust removal in the dryer, the high purity nitrogen is obtained finally.

    By the way, The adsorption dryer can make the dew point of product gas below – 70℃. The purity of product gas continuously monitored online by analyzer.